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مارس 8, 2021

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Guess My Code

Are you bored?
fun of code-breaking games ( Bulls and Cows or Master Mind... )?
with your friends and looking for a game to challenge them?

******Guess my code is here******

The game is simple
- You have a code of 4 digits chosen by the computer or another player depending on the mode of the game.
- The digits must be all different.
- Every time your guess will be rated by combination of E and/or M or nothing
E (Exist) means that you find a right digit but it's not in its right position
M (Match) means that you find a right digit and it's in its right position

The secret number is: 4301
The guessed number is: 3941
The Rating is: MEE

You have three mode:
1- Single Player: the computer chooses a code for you and you have to guess it as fast as possible and in lowest number of tries.

2- Two player / Two Code: the two players each write a 4 digits secret number. Then, in turn, the players try to guess their opponent's number. and the computer gives the number of matches.

3- Multiplayer / One code: Up to 7 players will compete to find one code chosen by the computer, and the winner is who find it before the others, and there are ranking of players in the end by time and tries.

You have two ways to play with your friends (second and third mode) via Bluetooth or Online.

By playing this game you can improve your logic and reasoning skills

تنزيل Guess My Code للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

تحديث 1.1.2


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