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Livemocha: Learn Languages (Prime)

يناير 11, 2021

تنزيل Livemocha: Learn Languages (Prime) للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر


تحميل Livemocha: Learn Languages (Prime) للاندرويد برابط سريع

Livemocha: Learn Languages (Prime)

With the Prime version of Livemocha, you can learn more about your chosen language in just a few days.

6 Learning Modules: Study, Write, Listen, Speak, Understand, Dialogue

In the Prime version you have the advanced module, with 12 more dialogue sessions that you can learn.
Altogether there are 27 sessions for you to improve your preferred language.
Learn to speak more in this Prime version with the sessions:

1 - Objects and Furniture
2 - Colors and graphics
3 - Feelings and reactions
4 - Romance and dating
5 - Sports and Leisure
6 - Tourism and attractions
7 - Business and University
8 - Nightlife and Parties
9 - Cooking and serving
10 - Communication and Electronics
11 - Border and passport
12 - Police and Security

Livemocha has always been a language learning company.
Now, we’ve revolutionized the way you can learn a language quickly. Join Livemocha, download the app and learn languages ​​having fun!

Today, Livemocha has more than 14 languages, but our goal is to reach the 50 most spoken languages ​​in the world.
Among them, you can learn: American English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Standard Mandarin and many others

Come now to Livemocha, here you learn quickly having fun, download the Livemocha app now.

Note: Livemocha is a brand acquired by a company registered in Brazil with CNPJ: 24.228.273 / 0001-56

تنزيل Livemocha: Learn Languages (Prime) للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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