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My Devil Lovers – Remake

Genius Inc
نوفمبر 12, 2020

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My Devil Lovers - Remake


You are a young, aspiring photographer with dreams of making it big. One day you find yourself at a local bookstore looking for inspiration, when you are drawn to an old Black Book. But it is no ordinary book... You are suddenly confronted by three handsome devils claiming to be the embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lucius (Pride), Mitsuki (Wrath), and Gray (Lust), each seeking to make a contract with you that will bind you together forever. Each devil has something amazing to offer, and you soon find that every contract comes with a price—but are you willing to pay?

It isn't long before angels discover you're in possession of the Black Book, and are willing to stop at nothing to take it from you. Will you survive long enough to make your choice? Find out in this remake of the fan favorite My Devil Lovers!


Devil of Pride - Lucius
The devil that has it all—good looks, charm, wealth, and he takes pride in it, as he does with everything else. He promises you the world on a silver platter, and it's obvious that with him, you can truly have it all. This cocky devil has a lot to learn when putting others before himself, but upon meeting you he seems to be willing to change. Can you help this devil overcome his pride and become a man worthy enough to brag about? Are you willing to pay his price to have it all?

Devil of Wrath - Mitsuki
The embodiment of Wrath vows to protect you for the rest of your life. Despite the offer, his harsh attitude towards anyone who possesses the Black Book makes you wonder whether he is sincere... He even tells you shortly after to choose another devil over him! Can you earn his trust enough to find out why? Are you willing to pay his price for lifelong comfort and security?

Devil of Lust - Gray
Gray takes charming to a whole new level. His respectfulness and kindness are just as alluring as his smile, and even his smallest touches make you melt... Despite your physical intimacy, you can't help but wonder why he is so emotionally distant. What happened between him and his past Black Book master? Are you willing to pay his price to have the lover of your dreams?

تنزيل My Devil Lovers – Remake للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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