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Offline Bullet Strike Multiplayer Shooting Game 3D

Gamerz Park
مارس 1, 2021

تنزيل Offline Bullet Strike Multiplayer Shooting Game 3D للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر


تحميل Offline Bullet Strike Multiplayer Shooting Game 3D للاندرويد برابط سريع

Offline Bullet Strike Multiplayer Shooting Game 3D

Offline Gun Strike is a New Multiplayer FPS Battle Royale Game free for fps game lovers.

Are you a FPS Offline Games Fan?Then this offline pvp shooting game is free for you! Join the battle royale game battleground as a trained commando and destroy all enemies with your tactics.Demand of battle royale survival games is increasing day by day in the store, We launch a great multiplayer games for our User to enjoy the new free games in this modern era.

In this world the best multiplayer action shooter & battleground games are increasing day by day.You can play this gun games 3d without internet connection and enjoy the offline multiplayer fps shooting games for free.This survival games will fulfill your real commando secret mission Desire.The shooting experience will take you to a whole new game which is a level of fun in this offline free fps games. You have to play the role of a secret commando in this multiplayer fps game. Your duty is to serve your Team and kill the enemy in this battleground survival among one of the best online multiplayer games.It's a gun games 3d with great high quality graphics and amazing gameplay. It has simple & customize controls, but still skill based with its 4v4 team deathmatch gameplay and single player mode.

First-person shooter Action survival games for PvP gamers around the world.
>>The Game Contains 2 Modes:

Multiplayer Mode:
Two teams, two goals! Each team fought against each other to conquer this battle this multiplayer games fps you have to play team deathmatch in which you have to get 1st 30 kills & win this battle against warriors.

Single Player Mode
In the SP Mode you have a companion which helps you to fight against warriors in this fully Adventurous game.The Quality & sound effects thriller will engage you to play this new pvp shooting game.

The gameplay of multiplayer survival games is very adventurous and thrilling. Do you want to play most likely Single player games, so enjoy the gun games offline which is highly recommended.Play your real commando secret mission & kill the enemies through your planned attack. offline multiplayer games include a variety of New Modern weapons shotguns, grenade,pistols & assault rifles of 5v5 games. You are a trained Captain commando so take charge and come at the 1st row to lead your team & conquer the battle in this deadly action shooting game.

Multiplayer shooter game encloses the thrill of team deathmatch or unlike other fps 5v5 games.So get the New Tactical strategy of free shooting games with multiplayer fps shooting games and enjoy the commando strike 3d in one of the action fps shooter.Do not miss the chance to become the real fps commando in this new counter terrorist shooting games that allows you to play as a leader of the team in multiplayer fps survival games.It's a first person shooter game that contains the thrill of team deathmatch games combined with single player mode.Modern Offline Gun Strike is a new gun game aiming to provide the full-on action of offline multiplayer fps.

This new battle royale game will offer you a variety of amazing warfare environments to fight against terror in new gun shooting games along with free action games . Are you ready to take the Charge?Don’t miss the opportunity to become the best fps shooter 2020 in a gun strike of counter terrorist shooting games that encapsulates the fun of secret mission games. By having fps counter terrorist games, you will find a diversity of amazing battlegrounds to accomplish your anti-terrorist missions against highly equipped evil forces.

Key Features:
>5v5 Teamdeath Matches with players.
>New Realistic Weapons like UMP,AK47,AUG & AWP.
>New high Quality Environments special for tdm matches.
>High Quality stunning Graphics with Supported Low end Devices.

Bullet Gun strike FPS Battle Royale Multiplayer Gun Games 3D is basically free to play for every kind of gamer It supports every mobile device & runs very smoothly.

تنزيل Offline Bullet Strike Multiplayer Shooting Game 3D للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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