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Ordinary Band-The perfect sound

Gina Star
يناير 26, 2021

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Ordinary Band-The perfect sound

Eddie’s good friend Bob was learning the piano recently in a shop. He told Eddie that there was a girl who wore glasses in the shop and play drums very well. Bod decided to go to the store himself to see Jenny, the girl who played the drums very well, and see if she was really that good. Bob came to the Dolphin Musical Shop. Jenny meets Bob and helps him buy a drum set. Come to help them set up the drums. Bob invited Jenny to play a song for her. After Jenny performed, Bob felt so good that he thought she can even became a star! Bob is actually a talent scout and he invited Jenny to join a girl band. Eddie came to a restaurant, the restaurant’s piano accompaniment is very beautiful, touching, fascinating. Eddie wanted to meet this girl and wondered if she could play pop music and be a keyboard player in a band. Eddie decided to write a pop song for the girl to play to see if she could be the keyboardist in the band. The piano girl play the song very fluently and added her own understanding to make it more expressive. Eddie told the piano girl that he was a talent scout, and the song she just played had just expressed was more appealing. He wanted to invited her to join the girl band and became a keyboard player. On the way home, Eddie met a girl playing bass, wow, she is really so cool. Her music is full of dynamic,firepower, this is the musician Eddie wants to look for. Unfortunately the cool girl’s bass broke, and Eddie promised to fix it and make sure it sounded exactly the same. Eddie told her that with her talent, she could be a professional musician, and invited her to join the girl band. These three girls are members of the rising stars and it’s time to give them a new look. They will soon debut as an all-girl band and need to make up shine. Coupled with their excellent performances, the audience is sure to love them. Use your talents to help these three girls create eye-catching makeup. The girl band is about to make their debut. The venue needs to be redecorated and the first gig needs to be a smash hit. Let’s enjoy their wonderful performance.

1.Bob find the girl in the music store who plays the drum set really well and invites her to join the girl band.
2.Eddie met a girl in a restaurant who could play the piano very well and invited her to join the band
3.Eddie invited the bass girl to join the band
4.Design styles for the three girls and make up them beautifully
5.Clean and decorate the performance venue

تنزيل Ordinary Band-The perfect sound للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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