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Minn Ko
يناير 14, 2021

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Phaung Dine

In sociology, power-knowledge is a term introduced by the French philosopher Michel Foucault (French: le savoir-pouvoir). According to Foucault's understanding, power is based on knowledge and makes use of knowledge; on the other hand, power reproduces knowledge by shaping it in accordance with its anonymous intentions.[1] Power (re-) creates its own fields of exercise through knowledge.

Knowledge Power is a Philippine educational show aired on ABS-CBN, a spin-off of host Ernie Baron's Hoy Gising! segment and TV Patrol segment Itanong Kay Ka Ernie. It aired every Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m, the show is educational and informative even as it also entertains. The topics are highly informative, engaging and mostly out-of-the-ordinary. The program is a cross between Ripley's Believe It or Not! and Discovery Channel. It does not only explore into the bizarre and the extraordinary, but pursues light yet thought-provoking, significant and highly-instructive items. Features sometimes serve as survival tips for viewers. Through extensive research and creative production, the show delves on the sciences, health, history, paranormal, cultures, civilizations, people, among others.

The show aims to educate and entertain. The educational bent of the show is primarily geared towards enhancing children’s outlooks and potentials.

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