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RJR 94 FM – Radio Jamaica

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أبريل 4, 2021

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RJR 94 FM - Radio Jamaica

Say the words “radio” and “Jamaica” in a single sentence and you conjure instant images of Jamaica’s best loved radio station with the most broadcasting experience. With 60 years of consistent, quality programmes RJR 94FM is the outlet of choice for homesick Jamaicans wishing to tank up on news from home. Radio jocks are at home at RJR and we continue to search for the ultimate in audience satisfaction through innovative utilization of the 24-hour day. New dimensions in creativity blossoms among talented Jamaicans as presenters of novel programming ideas find favor among a discerning radio audience.

From the onset of development as a nation RJR has been at the forefront of opinion shaping and the dissemination of the national ideology, combining elements of good radio and providing a complement of cultural, social and moral focus in our broadcast content. The music remained appealing and popular; news is immediate, frequent and impartial. Documentaries and Magazine programmes inform and explain and personalities identify with the socio-economic and cultural norms that prevail. Now, more than ever, RJR is real Jamaican radio, delivering the most credible news on the hour, every hour, plus exciting features and programmes designed for your lifestyles. RJR developed into the nation’s primary source of communication through programmed music, regular newscasts, drama, discussions, concerts and other forms of entertainment. When the government decided to operate its own public broadcasting station that would assume the name Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation…..Radio Jamaica was formally changed to Radio Jamaica Limited.

RJR 94 fm remains on its continued campaign to please you; it’s a 60yr practice turned perfection of leading the marketplace with the most credible and listened to news and sports information on Jamaican Radio, keeping it global via streaming on www.rjr94fm.com and other international synergies, the leading morning programme, the leading talk programme, entertainment programmes and social conscience programming. In this our 60th yr, we promise to continue being there in times of national self actualization and re-definition through natural & manmade disasters, moments of collective national pride and in all major instances of development, we pledge to continue to provide balanced unbiased information that is trustworthy and appropriate at one & the same time. As the Caribbean’s information hub, RJR 94FM is an advertisers dream, a family’s support system, the entertainment industry’s first stop, The Financial and Sporting Industry’s first stop, the Public Sector’s facilitator.

RJR is the dynamic station at the fore of a group of companies that dominates others in the Diaspora and is recognized globally as the region’s media authority. RJR was entrusted to cover the entire island with radio broadcasting. Wireless receiving sets were set up in about 200 designated listening posts throughout the island. So…… people gathered at schools, police stations and village stores to get a taste or real Jamaican radio. The move to grant the license to Radio Jamaica also included that it would become a commercial radio station so, radio time would attract a cost and advertisers would pay according to the time used for their advertisements. From the days of ZQI to the Supreme Sound, RJR94fm remains the Gold standard in broadcasting.

تنزيل RJR 94 FM – Radio Jamaica للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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