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Stick Summoners: Stickman War

Royal Bytes
يوليو 8, 2022

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Stick Summoners: Stickman War

Stick Summoners is a massive 50v50 stickman war game where you will build an army of warriors and watch them fight using different strategy. If you like stickman war games, you will not waste your time!

Control plenty of units, upgrade and rank them up through awesome victories. Improve skills and create different armies to defeat the enemy stickmen Kings in PvP battles.

Choose from dozens of different fighters: wizards, ogres, mythical animals, dragons and much more.

- REAL 3D: first stickman game with realistic graphics and physics;
- FAST COMBATS: battles lasts less then 60 seconds
- 20+ CHARACTERS: lots of different stick warriors: Archer, Wizard, Giant, King
- REPLAYABILITY: 1000+ combinations of armies
- FRESH GAMEPLAY: a brand new gameplay with a combination of strategy game, action game and card games

- REAL PVP: fight against other players
- FUN BATTLES: unlimited number of stages
- RTS GAMEPLAY: real time strategy game
- ADVANCED ARMY PLACEMENT: place your troops wisely in our epic battle simulator.

Test your strategic thinking in our Stick War and become a legend in the war of stickmans.

تنزيل Stick Summoners: Stickman War للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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