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تحميل Story Master للاندرويد برابط سريع

Story Master

Welcome to Story Master!
This game allows you to read stories and have fun dialogues like chat.
The story master consists of a variety of chat-based stories that you will enjoy reading on your mobile.
This game will make you laugh and offer a fun and fast game experience.
Haven't you read our carefully written stories for you? So come and let's enjoy the fun together.
Did you know that you can continue reading your story whenever you want?
Welcome to Chat Master!
Choose who you want to talk to and play right away.
Message your friends and choose how to interact with them!
Each message is a choice and the people you chat with will react appropriately to your answers!
You can click and look at the pictures sent by message, you can have pleasant moments!
Do you want to lie or tell the truth? While having fun, you shouldn't forget to give the other person the answer they want!
You will have fun while reading, you will think while having fun. Don't you want to join this fun chat and story adventure?
You can choose any of the chat possibilities full of surprises and talk like texting on your mobile or you can witness different adventures of different lives in the stories.
You can have the opportunity to read all the stories by purchasing the Pro membership.
If you want to continue enjoying this adventure smoothly, choose pro membership now!
Weekly new stories, pleasant moments await you.
Many free stories and chat opportunities are waiting for you!

Anime Story Games and funny chat pranks. Story choices for you to shape the course of real-life tales. Anime romance story games, my success story business games, and history games are included.
Story Master is one of the story choices games anime and chat pranks included. Anime romance story games are updated constantly, with mesmerizing visuals and exciting content! Anime story games are one of the best ways to spend some quality time!
• Awesome real-life stories updated constantly.
• Anime story games with exciting visuals and killer stories!
• Chat pranks which you will laugh your brain out!
• Texting Story Games to help you increase your reading habits.
• Tons of romance story games inside!
• Lots of funny pranks also waiting for you. Interactive story games are the perfect way to spend quality time with you and your friends. Anime romance story will make your heart and help you make better decisions in your life. We are supporting our love story games, chat master pranks, and text stories with cool visuals and breathtaking scripts. Sit back and enjoy these unforgettable story choices games. Or, if you are looking for some pranks and laughs, take a look at the Chat Master section of our my story games and laugh yourself out!
Here are some examples of Anime Story Games:
• My Best Friend Is a Psycho: Having serious character problems, would a best friend can help a young man to find love and peace?
• Dad Is Dating My Ex: Sounds hilarious and uneasy at the same time... What would you do if your father was dating your ex? Waiting for you to find out!*Fell In Love with Homeless: Discover how love emerges as a savior between two young people, living in Moldova.
• Convince Your Dad that He is NOT a Viking: Your father watched Vikings all day long. Now he claims he is a Viking. He will raid your neighbors. Stop him!

تنزيل Story Master للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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