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نوفمبر 13, 2020

تنزيل Streamer Simulator للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر


تحميل Streamer Simulator للاندرويد برابط سريع

Streamer Simulator

Streamer Simulator is a game that will allow you to plunge into the life of a novice streamer.
You will learn what it's like to become a streamer without having anything, the harsh life will force you to earn new devices, in all possible ways.
You will have to work as a delivery driver, taxi driver or cashier to earn money on devices. By passing the new devices, you have your own needs for food and various furniture, you can also buy a cool car or have a pet!

Streamer life Simulator Become a popular streamer, get rich and achieve everything you want, feel popular or imagine yourself as your favorite streamer and what it's like to be one.
The game can motivate you to work as a streamer!!!

The game features a large open world with lots of action.
Learn, work and earn, as soon as you learn all the basics you can become a streamer.

Get yourself a pet if you are bored, like any streamer Streamer life Simulator you will begin to strive for something interesting.

تنزيل Streamer Simulator للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

تحديث 2.0


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المطور Infollapp
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