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What The Art – most famous painters and paintings

Pica Trebax, Inc.
مارس 23, 2021

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What The Art - most famous painters and paintings

❓Have you always dreamed of studying art but never had free time to do it?
❓Have you ever wanted to know the most famous painting of Van Gogh or Picasso?
❓Or was Mona Lisa a real person??

✔All of these questions and more will answer by WTA, the online art history courses app.

WTA is a godsend for those people who want to understand art. The application provides basic concepts of theory, talks about genres, techniques, and chronology of historical art, introduces famous artists and their masterpieces. Users will know how to learn how to enjoy art and how to "read" artworks. The user will also receive artcoins for the passed material, which the learner can use for in-app purchases.

📌The materials for the art courses prepared by the best art historians and visual art specialists. They applied all their knowledge based on the best art history books. Experts created materials in an easily digestible form, and you will not be bored! You will get a basic knowledge of historical art in a short time, and finally, you will realize your old dream.

Learning has never been so easy! Together with the WTA app, you'll get:

✅ Exciting courses on the most famous art, painting styles, and painters of the world.
✅ Ability to use the online gallery of paintings and zoom masterpieces for their detailed study.
✅ Interactive tests. Check your art knowledge.
✅ You will be able to earn artcoins and spend them on a new experience in the field of art.

In the WTA app, you will find:

🎨 Courses on the history of the development of painting, including the Renaissance and impressionism artworks. A series of lectures should teach you to understand art, to consider it in a historical and cultural context. The course consists of 7 thematic blocks, arranged in chronological order. In each block, the user is given tasks for mastering the material and topics for reflection, and at the end of the course, the user will need to pass the final test.

🖼 Courses on the masterpieces of paintings artwork. "Mona Lisa" and “The last supper” by Leonardo, "The scream" by Munch and others.... Having studied in detail painting popular of fine art, you will learn about many exciting things. How the perception and interpretation of individual works of art changes over time, what relationships link the artist, his creation, and the viewer, with what symbols the painters filled their paintings. The user will examine each artwork in good quality in detail, where every brushstroke made by the artist is visible. WTA is the only app where Fine Art Masterpiece Detailing is available.

👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 Courses about interesting painters who changed history painting and the most prominent personalities of the past. The topics of the lectures are not ordinary and answer witty cultural questions. For example, as in Rome's main cathedral, the famous artist painted over 400 naked bodies in the most exciting poses? Was Frida Kahlo a mexican feminist? What price artists pay for fame and popularity? Or what it means to outlive a generation of compatriots?

Upon completion of the courses, you will gain explicit knowledge, confidence, and understanding of what you see in front of you. You will isolate the essence of the work, its belonging to a particular era or direction. You will feel like a real art critic, share your knowledge with family and friends, and inspire yourself to replenish your understanding of the fine arts continually. All you need to do is install the WTA app and start self-development right now!

List of courses and topics available in this issue:

🖼The Mona Lisa
🖼The Last Supper
🖼Girl with a Pearl Earring
🖼The Scream
🖼The Night Watch
🖼The Birth of Venus

👨‍🎨Leonardo da Vinci
👨‍🎨Michelangelo Buonarotti
👨‍🎨Claude Monet
👨‍🎨Pablo Picasso
👩‍🎨Frida Kahlo
👨‍🎨Vincent van Gogh

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