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Synergy Games
يناير 25, 2021

تنزيل Zombie Racing Club للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر


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Zombie Racing Club

Cool graphics! Zombie apocalypse atmosphere! Cool car physics! Possibility to upgrade car characteristics and armies of hungry zombies!

*** NO ADS! NO PURCHASES! 100% FREE! ***

You’ll have the possibility to take part in the first season of “Zombie Racing Club” races. Don’t lose your chance!
This is a great possibility to test your driving skills and to earn a lot of Z$ on the illegal zombie market to spend on your cars.
Zombie’s heads and boxes which you break in races are well paid. Your adrenalin and prices will increase with each new level.
Open new cars, upgrade engines, buy heavy armor, fearsome weapons, rocket acceleration and other equipment. Install it on your car and you’ll have a chance to reach the finish line alive!
Realistic levels, charged cars, mad tuning and heavy music will support an interesting main story-line. Reveal the secret of anonymous messages and get to know the name of the sender. You are going to find out the conspiracy of hidden rulers of the private race club.
*** There will be only you, your car and army of zombies! Show them who is the best hunter! ***

Open new levels and locations:
You have to make your race through forgotten bases, towns and cities, invaded by zombies.
Start on the LOST AIRFIELD in the light of the rising sun.
Drive the MUSCLE CAR through roads of MAD SUBURB where best racers had tested their luck.
Fight the off road terrains of DIRTY HILLS and go through abandoned farms on mighty 4X4.
Break the barricades of zombie police on the streets of Z-CITY.
Reach the most secret and dangerous place in this mad world named BLOODY FINAL.
***The most crazy and awesome trip you have ever had!

You will find new more powerful car in each new garage:
A-Class - the most light and manoeuvrable vehicle. Fast and agile representative of it’s class. Don’t let zombies catch you!
Muscle car - charged bullet: straight and fast. It was especially designed for illegal races. Awesome speed and power. The best racing car for which the only one thing is needed - the best driver.
4X4 - tough, heavy and unstoppable off-road monster to fight the hardest terrain. The animal among cars. To ride it you need to be a real cowboy!
Minivan - the car for street wars and crime gangs. Armored argument to leave cops behind or to smash everything on your way! Feel like a real bank robber and make your own way through zombie police!
Truck - the best car for post-apocalyptic world. The fortress on wheels which can lead you through any hell. Be the real master of the road. The most dangerous and impressive machine of death. Make hell and break everything on your way!
*** Make the collection of the most powerful and unique cars in the wasteland!

Upgrade your car

Zombies annoying you on the road - just put some circular saws on the front and cut your way through them!
Barriers and boxes are damaging your car? Just buy some heavy armor.
Even zombies walking faster than your car? Just upgrade the engine!
Maximal speed prevents you from feeling adrenaline? Upgrade the transmission - get an ultimate speed!
You’ve reached the speed limit, but it’s still not enough for you? NO2 booster will be a real effective way out for you! Make a rocket from your car!
You’d like to fly but cars are not able to do that? You ought to have a cool spoiler on your vehicle.
Bad car control? Install new spiked metal wheels on your car and ride on every surface.
You noticed fire under the hood? Don't fry steaks on your engine! It’s time to upgrade your cooling system.
***Upgrade everything to feel the real power of steel monsters for zombie racing!

Current version is beta-version. The game is on the development stage and Minivan, Truck, level 4 and 5 are on testing stage right now and locked in this release. We are doing our best to finalize development to make you enjoy on 100% this game! Full version will be also completely FREE for all ZRC drivers!

تنزيل Zombie Racing Club للموبايل اندرويد برابط مباشر

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